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The US-China Agricultural Trade Service Center (ATSC) is a legally registered service organization in California. Its scope of services includes providing the information about agricultural products, food trade, regulations, professional certificate training as well, and the platform of technical exchanges, such as host the forum between the U.S. and China. We certainly also provide the consulting services for members. Headquartered in the beautiful West Covina, Los Angeles County, California, USA.


Our Services

Our Servuces
 Register to FDA as foreign suppliers

When you plan to sell your food products to United States of America, you have to be qualified the approved suppliers by U.S. importers compliant with FSMA/FSVP, registration to FDA is required.

U.S. Grains and Meats products export to China

There are too many U.S. foods exports and facilities have to face the big challenge when they apply the registration to enter the market in China. Some of them have spent 12-18 months to waiting for the approval by China government, there will be the way to introduce to you how to understand the channel of application more easier and faster... 

Certificate Training and more

Regulations and Laws training from the Lead Instructors certified by government of both of U.S. and China.

Helping the participants to understand the Standards of Industries defined by the international organization or association. FSPCA FSMA courses training for human food, animal food and Foreign Supplies Verification Program. 

Farms Tour & Workshop

Originally a live-feed to attendees of the U.S. Soybean in Illinois, takes you on a tour of a farm lead by the farmer. watch Doug Winter, who farms soybeans in Illinois, explain the technology he uses to harvest his crop and discuss sustainable farming practices.

Courses Offer

Creating opportunities to network and address common issues and interacting with key stakeholders essential to the success of food safety on the  agriculture industries

Support Consulting

we will help small business to find the solution to identify and solve the problems in food business between US-China.


Ready to find out more?

The U.S.-China Agricultural Trade Service Center (ATSC), headquartered in East Los Angeles, California, USA, is an American private organization legally registered in California, USA. Its business services involve two-way services for Sino-US agricultural products, food import and export trade, two-way training and consultation on government regulations, US farm tourism, two-way agricultural investment, agricultural technology exchanges, etc. Meanwhile, ATSC assists the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) One-stop compliance testing services for food and aquatic products imported from China to the United States. ATSC cooperates with the governments of Imperial County and San Bernardino County to participate in the U.S. government's support for small and medium-sized enterprises financing, and the promotion of U.S. agricultural products and food export projects for hundreds of urban agriculture-related small enterprises within its county jurisdiction. ATSC provides services on a membership-based platform, and cooperates with food associations, organizations, laboratories and other government agencies in the United States and China, such as agriculture and animal husbandry, agricultural products, and aquatic products, and regularly organizes various forms of training and forums for members every year and government and non-governmental business exchange activities.

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