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US-CHINA Agriculture Trade Service Center( ATSC ) is a private organization service for bilateral food and agriculture cooperation between the United States and China with support from governments, food industries and  partners of associations  in both countries. ATSC was founded in the background of China tariffs on the U.S. agriculture products, including soybean, pork meat, beef and red wine, etc. ATSC is committed to service for the agriculture products and food industry, as a key segment of the food chain, and member companies’ interests with one industry leadership voice on matters involving both sides governments legislation and regulation; keeping members informed of developments important to them; creating opportunities to network and address common issues and interacting with key stakeholders essential to the success of the food and agriculture industries.

 Address. US-China Agriculture Center, P.O.Box 1393, West Covina, CA 91793

Tel. 626 617 1026

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