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Why become a member of ATSC ?为什么要成为会员?

What Benefit for you when become a membership ?


How to apply become a member ?


Why become a momber of ATSC ? 为什么要成为会员?


We’re working for you

US-CHINA Agriculture Trade Service Center, ATSC is a membership-based organization for the agriculture products and foods industry. We ensure that all parts along the agriculture products and foods value chain have a strong voice with government and the public. We bring farmers, processors, distributors, retailers and others together to promote and protect the growing agriculture sector. ATSC represents its members to government on sector needs, market development and promotion, and strong foods standards and regulations. Members also receive the latest information and quick answers on agriculture and food regulations and standards in the U.S. and China. 



美中农业贸易服务中心(ATSC)是一个以会员为基础的农产品和食品行业组织。 我们确保农产品和食品在价值观和产业链上的所有部分都与政府和公众有强烈的共鸣。 通过这个平台,我们将农民,加工商,经销商,零售商和其他人聚集在一起,以促进和保护不断发展的我们世代为之奋斗的农业行业。 ATSC代表其成员参与政府部门需求,市场开发和推广以及强有力的食品标准和法规。 会员还可以获得有关美国和中国农业和食品法规和标准的最新信息和快速解答。

The Reason  to become a membership of ATSC ? ATSC能为会员做什么?


  • Expert guidance and one-on-one advice on US & China food regulatory issues relating to your business 

  • Opportunities to directly influence elected officials and advocate for food safety priorities on government congress 

  • Exclusive marketing tools and directory listings to increase your visibility with current and potential customers and suppliers 

  • Access to ATSC’s key media relationships, proactive outreach strategies and fast and effective crisis communications 

  • Access the latest ATSC market research to develop your business strategy 

  • Access international distribution channels through ATSC’s global market programs and trade missions

  • Educational resources to inform your customers with ATSC’s Certificate of training courses for food safety

  • Access to compelling evidence and talking points about the value of agriculture & food safety system

  • Exclusive discounts on products and services through ATSC member partnership arrangement

  • 我们提供与您业务相关的美国和中国食品监管问题的专家指导和一对一建议

  • 我们有机会代表我们的会员向政府机构和官员反映我们会员的诉求

  • 独家营销工具和目录列表,以提高您与当前和潜在客户及供应商的对接机会

  • 通过ATSC的主要媒体宣传,推广品牌策略以及快速有效的表达诉求

  • ATSC为会员提供最新的市场研究,为您的业务发展战略提供参谋

  • 通过ATSC的市场化项目和贸易合作项目建立国际分销渠道

  • 通过完成ATSC食品安全培训获得证书,向您的客户展示您所具有的专业教育资源

  • 获得令人瞩目的农业食品安全的理念和信念

  • 通过ATSC成员之间的伙伴互惠合作意识,享受本服务中心内部对产品和服务的特殊折扣 

What Benefit for you when become a membership ?


  • According to the ATSC charter, ATSC members have the right to vote and be elected to the board of directors.

  • 根据ATSC章程,ATSC成员有权投票并当选为董事会成员。


  • ATSC members will receive discounts when members participate in various professional training and grand professional events organized by ATSC.

  • 当会员参加ATSC组织举办的各种专业培训和大型专业活动, ATSC会员将享受特殊优惠


  • ATSC members are allowed to use the ATSC logo for related business activities

  • 一旦成为ATSC会员,允许使用ATSC的logo做相关商业活动


  • Once you become an ATSC member, you will receive paid professional consulting services from ATSC experts. The consulting fee will be charged according to the member special offer plan

  • 一旦成为ATSC会员,您将获得ATSC专家的有偿专业咨询服务,咨询费按照会员特殊优惠计划收取

How to apply become a member ?​ 如何申请?

Step I  Application form / 填写申请表

Step II Verification / 注册部审核

Step III Approval / 获得资格通过

Step IV Become a approved membership of ATSC / 成为ATSC准入会员

Step V Payment the membership fee / 缴纳会员费

Step VI Certificate of membership issued / 获得会员资格证书

for more detail information, please contact to Scott Jackson, specialist of membership registration at +1 626 566 5522 or email to

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