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We have a program to support those of owners to building, training and finance on small business of agriculture area, including agent of importers, exporters, distributors, logistic and those involve in agriculture trade with food safety.

Through this program, your business of agriculture trade will become more positive and professional.


We will help and assist Chinese agriculture investor or foods companies which plan to build a new branch office or branch in United States of America to register the license and tax registration in Federal or States. even if needed, we have a very excellent financial team can work with you to build your business in USA.


We also have very close relationship with associations, such as Organic Trade Association ( OTA ), The Grain and Feed Trade Association ( GAFTA ), America Feed Industry Association ( AFIA ), Global Food Safety Initiative , USA. With the world widely network organization, we can supply you the top level international technology concept of management.


You are probably very much concerning that your currently food products are not complaint with the FSMA regulations required, There are many training courses of FSPCA for human food, animal food and FSVP scheduled by ATSC in 2018. All of those information is very useful and helpful for those of the small business owners.

On the other hand, Chinese new Food Safety law has become more stricter than before any time, the big change of which different from before is the registration requirement for foreign suppliers just looks like the same as FDA registration. it is no problems for qualified US exporters or facility suppliers, the big challenge is whom will be qualified and when the US exporters or facility suppliers will become the qualified.

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