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Agriculture Trade

Service Center

Why Choose Our Consulting?


US-CHINA Agriculture Trade Service Center ( ATSC ) supplies the best service to you for your business on compliant with regulations, standards of both countries update. for example, in United States, the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) final rule, a food company executive, manager, or employee can be criminally charged for selling a contaminated product—even if you didn’t know that’s what you were doing. Accept Lead Instructors training from ATSC will help you to understand and reduce your risk of enforcement action by both the U.S. Food and Drùg Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). for more information about training, please see the training course schedule in here


" I want to sell my baby food products to China, but there are too many Chinese regulations update issued by Chinese government of which I have to follow up currently, Oh God! it was too nervous for me, I can't make it easy to sell my products to China market" said by Scott Stephanie, sales manager of performance company. ATSC really can help you to find the right way to achieve the goal successful.


We Create opportunities to network and address common issues and interacting with key stakeholders essential to the success of food safety on the  agriculture industries.

We also host the US-CHINA Agriculture Trade regulations Conference in US and China, that is a great event for Ex/importers to get the important update regulations of food and agriculture products between US and China.


"I got a warning letter from FDA for my seafood products to be imported from China, it has been required by FDA to provide them the evident of salmonella free on the report of test in accredited lab recognized by FDA. how can I deal with them?" Tom Liu had a question. we said, no worry about that, ATSC would like to find the solution for you to solve the problem you met.


" I want to invest my business in US, but I have never been USA before, how can I start my first small business in the United States of America?"  Jianjun Liu said from Fujian, China. ATSC's experts will supply you very professional consulting service to help you achieve the goal of which American dream comes true.

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