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for FSVP

What is an FSVP?
                  FSVP = Foreign Supplier Verification Programs
It is a program that importers covered by the rule must have in place to verify that their foreign suppliers are producing food in a manner that provides the same level of public health protection as the preventive controls or produce safety regulations, as appropriate, and to ensure that the supplier’s food is not adulterated and is not misbranded with respect to allergen labeling.

Who Must Comply?

  • “Importer” is U.S. owner or consignee of a food at time of U.S. entry.

  • If no U.S. owner or consignee at entry, importer is U.S. agent or representative of the foreign owner or consignee, as confirmed in signed statement of consent.

What Do Manufacturers/Processors Covered by the
PC Supply-Chain Program Need to know about FSVP?

A manufacturer/processor subject to the preventive controls (PC) requirements that uses imported raw materials or other ingredients may also be an importer covered by the Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP) rule. It’s important for these manufacturers/processors to know that they can be deemed in compliance with most of the FSVP requirements for foods they import if they implement preventive controls for the hazards in the food in accordance with applicable requirements or comply with the PC supply-chain program requirements, and they will still need to provide certain identification information when importing the food, as required in the FSVP rule. For example, they will need to provide a unique facility identifier (UFI) recognized as acceptable by the FDA for each line entry of food product offered for importation into the United States.
The first major compliance date for FSVP is May 30, 2017. Compliance dates for both FSVP and the PC supply-chain requirements are staggered, based on the size of the supplier.

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